Cemetery Services

Granite & Marble Care and Restoration

Determine the type of stone your monument is made of. Most marble will be white with dark veins running through it. Most granite will be gray, red, pink, or black.

Granite: Clean with 409 and any scrub brush that is deemed safe for Teflon pans. Rinse with water.
Marble: mix bleach 3 to 1 and apply evenly to the monument. Let it soak. Rinse completely with water.

For complete restorations, re-setting of leaning and/or broken monuments or touch up of monuments that can’t be read, please contact us for restoration.

monument restoration
Before and after photo of monument restoration.

Final Dates

Most monuments that are made for more than one person will need additional lettering. The monument shown here will eventually need a final date added.

Monument needing final dates added.


More details coming.




More details coming.






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